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  • The digital edition of Cycling Weekly is an exact replica of the print magazine. Each week, Cycling Weekly makes sense of the racing scene with news, analysis and opinion, expert fitness advice.

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What's inside each issue of Cycling Weekly?
  • Exclusive features

    Get to the heart cycling with our exclusive features. In-depth rider interviews from the biggest names in the sport, routes that take you to the most inspiring areas in the UK and more. We visit the tech brands making history, investigate the latest trends and look back on the people and products that shaped the sport.

  • Expert fitness advice

    Want to take your riding further? Our fitness pages will take you there. With tips and advice from experts in their field, insight from the pros and their coaches we bring you clear, no nonsense ways for you to improve your riding. Whether you're an aspiring racer, a mountain bagger or someone who just wants to keep up with their mates, we'll help you get there.

  • Extensive product reviews

    Our tech team has years of riding experience behind them and their extensive knowledge goes in to testing the latest bikes and the hottest new tech on the market. Our reviews are known for their honest and straightforward approach, giving pragmatic buying advice to our readers.

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